Bass Bundle

Bass Bundle

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If you are looking to catch Bass, this bundle will cover your needs! All of these items were hand-selected to ensure you have a diverse selection of plastics and jig sizes to target all species of Bass across a wide variety of conditions.

Bundle Includes A Full Pack Of Each Of The Following Items:

  • 1/16oz Mule Jig (Black)
  • 1/16oz Mule Jig (Chartreuse)
  • 3/32oz Mule Jig (Fire Red)
  • 3/32oz Mule Jig (Green Pumpkin)
  • Donkey Tail (GP Black Flake)
  • Donkey Tail (Black)
  • Mule Minnow 3.2 (Dakota Sunrise)
  • Burro Bug (Ranch Hand)
  • Jack Worm (Rodeo Clown)
  • Double Sided Tackle Organizer

By purchasing this variety pack, you save 8% versus buying everything separately!