About Us

Mule Fishing was founded in October, 2019 with a simple mission: "Provide high quality fishing gear and information to help anglers of all skill sets catch more fish."

We believe that fishing is often made over-complicated by companies/anglers. Our goal is to bring simplified options to the market which will catch fish in virtually any circumstances! In addition, we will bring information to the angling community to ensure they are confident in their fishing techniques.

Why is it named Mule?

Mule stands for so much. First and foremost, my grandfather has always loved Mules and Horses. Growing up, I always remember seeing the Mules in the pasture when I visited my grandma & grandpa. The more I talk to my grandpa Warren about his old Mules, the more I realize how passionate he is about these animals. Every time I see/work on this business (the silhouette on the logo is my grandpa), I will be reminded of family and the values which truly matter.

In addition, Mules are known for how hard they work. That is exactly the way I want every item offered by Mule Fishing to be known for. We want to provide gear that will always work hard for you on the water.

Ethan Dhuyvetter
Mule Fishing