Workhorse Jig (1/8oz)
Workhorse Jig (1/8oz)
Workhorse Jig (1/8oz)

Workhorse Jig (1/8oz)

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The Workhorse Jig was designed for light-line anglers who want to present small baits, such as the Donkey Tail Jr, Horse Fly, and other Mule products, in deeper water or windier conditions. This jig is created using a high-density tungsten resin material which will allow your bait to drop fast while also creating a more environmentally-friendly alternative to lead jigs.

The head design is a unique, rounded off bullet shape with a keeled bottom and concave back. This allows your chosen plastic to rest uniform against the back of the jig and create a streamlined approach. With the bulk of the weight focused on the lower portion of the jighead, this will naturally swim through the water and skip remarkably well when shooting docks. It will also rest flat on the bottom with most baits, but with the highly buoyant Mule plastics, it will rise at a slight angle off the bottom.

Just like all Mule Fishing products, this jig was designed with multispecies in mind. The hook size is a #6 which allows any targeted fish to take it down and stay pinned.

Product Specs:
Pack Size: 3
Hook Size: #6
Material: Tungsten resin; 100% lead-free!

Catch these fish & more!

  • Bass
  • Trout
  • Crappie
  • Sunfish

Pair It With The Following Baits:

There is no wrong retrieve!

Vertically jig it, swim it, twitch it, shake it, glide it, deadstick it, drag it